Oneness PC Repair works with you on a personal level, committed not only to understanding the issues you are facing, but implementing a permanent solution.

Client Coaching & Education

Are you frustrated at being dependent on others to fix your computer issues?  Want to become more computer literate and savvy? Oneness PC Repair is happy to offer computer lessons to our clients. In Computer Repair Basics you will learn how to troubleshoot any computer related issues you have experienced. I can meet in the comfort of your own home, or you can learn remotely. These lessons are intended to make you more independent when it come to your PC repair.

Hardware Repair

As reliable as they are, personalized computers do have a tendency to take an unfortunate turn for the worse. Oneness PC Repair can handle *most PC hardware issues and bring them back to their original condition. *Certain Apple PC models apply.

Hardware Upgrades

There are times when constantly deleting items to create more space, or closing applications to save memory becomes more than one can handle. Oneness PC Repair can perform hardware upgrades on *most PC hardware giving you long deserved relief. *Certain Apple PC models apply.

PC Personalized Purchasing

Need help picking out your next laptop, or desktop? Oneness PC Repair can help you choose the PC that is right for you and at the price point you are looking for. 

Software & System Upgrades

Oneness PC Repair is ready when you are when it comes to application, anti-virus, malware and operating system upgrades whether it is Windows, or Apple operating system upgrades. i will make sure your data is backed up prior to any changes to your PC.


Getting the constant pop-up's showing odd messages that only came to life after a recent download, or software upgrade? Oneness PC Repair can certainly help. We have the latest most reliable anti-virus and spyware software releases. I will quarantine those nasty bots and viruses as well as unwanted cookies giving you peace of mind.

Customer's Comments

James Cummens

Ian put in the hard work. I had a problem with my chromebook and he spent two days researching the problem and working out a fix. I trust him with all my computer needs. He's very knowledgeable and will get the job done. I highly recommend his work.

Lanie Sners

I worked in the IT sales industry for 9 years plus I worked with many IT professionals while in India over the past 7 years. I have to say that many people may be knowledgeable and solve a problem but Ian actually cares about people. Ian not only helped me set up my laptop before I went to India, he helped me while I was traveling there. He was always available to help from giving me the information I needed for projects I was working on to understanding different technologies to helping me with some funny glitch my system was experiencing. The difference with Ian is that he is not just trying to “get the job over with” - he wants to make sure he leaves people with a positive experience and lasting knowledge.

Terry Jacobus

Ian Narcisi is an extremely talented computer tech and a highly evolved human being. You meet Ian and you know he really cares to help people with an inescapable warm sincerity. I've worked with Ian many times and have never been disappointed. His prices are fair, he'll go the extra mile, and his kindness is enveloping. Definitely 5 Stars. Terry Jacobus/ author, musician and retired University Professor.

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