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Ian Narcisi

Work Experience

Professional Résumé

The City of Evanston 

Network Engineer 

Evanston, Illinois
June 2016 – October 2018

  • Recent projects:

    • Configured L2L IPSEC VPN tunnels for various locations (Cisco ASA 5555-X/5505).

    • Configured/designed/implemented SilverPeak EC-XS IPSEC L2L VPN tunnel with CradlePoint LTE backup at satellite library site.

    • Performed upgrades on Cisco 3850 series switches as well as Cisco 5555X/5505 ASAs/SilverPeak Orchestrator/EC-XS devices.

    • Configured/installed several Cisco 3850 series switches throughout the city.

    • Worked with vendor to install Cisco ISE for wireless/wired networks (virtual/physical mix).

    • Implemented six-switch upgrade for Evanston Public Library (installed fiber cartridges/installed fiber cross connect/aggregators/switches/helped plan logical L2 migration.

    • Configured/monitored/maintained existing vlans/implemented new vtp domain/created Visio.)

    • Truncation of internal-to-public NAT pool (ASA 5555-X series).

    • Planned/configured and executed multicast environment on Cisco Nexus 9K for all Evanston end   points for emergency VoIP request.

    • Aided in planning/configured city-wide vtp convergence project.

    • Configured RSPAN for all police voice recording.

    • Configured and implemented Cisco 1500 series access points for several outdoor wireless mesh topologies.

    • Assisted Evanston Police migration (new vlans/switches/created Visio).

    • Assisted systems engineer with SAN migration/ESXi host migration. Configured Nexus 9K for ESXi trunk/iSCSI prerequisites.

    • Created NAT’s/ACL’s/VPN tunnels on ASA’s (5506-X/5555-X series).

    • Created Visio’s for all MDF/IDF/data center locations.

  • Recent projects (Working with a group of system engineers/network engineers to config, monitor and maintain):

    • Silver Peak XS rollout to seven international locations around the world (IPSEC tunnels [replacement of MPLS network]).

    • Responsible for working with Cisco vendor to architect (Visio) Silver Peak rollout in seven international locations around the world.

    • Riverbed EX1160L rollout (3 vm’s per site) to replace all physical servers at all seven international locations.

    • Worked with Riverbed vendor’s to install/configure HA Riverbed core’s (vm’s) on VBlock 320.

    • Worked with Cisco vendor to configure/maintain IPSEC VPN tunnel to Vcloud Air environment.

    • Installed/configured vCOP’s within virtual environment (Vblock 320).

    • Worked with vm vendor to install 10 – Cisco UCS B250 half-blades into Vblock 320 chassis (1508 model).

    • Worked with vm vendor to perform matrix upgrade on Vblock 320 (included BIOS up to virtual environment [v4.1 to v.5.1).

    • Worked with Cisco vendor to migrate physical Cisco telco environment to virtual environment (Vblock 320).

    • Worked with Cisco vendor to upgrade all Cisco ASA 5520/5510 and 5505 models (IOS).

    • Upgraded Cisco 3925 models (IOS and physical modules).

    • Configured all ASA ACL’s/AnyConnect VPN profiles for Rotary HQ and seven international offices.

    • Worked with Cisco vendor on all PTP VPN IPSEC tunnels.

    • Configured and maintained all ACL’s for PCI environment on Cisco NX7000 series routers/switches.

    • Worked with Cisco vendor to configure/monitor and maintain Cisco WLAN controller and AP’s in Rotary’s HQ as well as all seven international offices.

    • Configured/monitored and maintained all 75 Cisco ASA, router,switches (vlan’s, AAA/radius, port configuration, etc. for Rotary’s HQ and all seven international offices (NX5000, NX7000, 5520, 5510, 5505, v1000, 3925 series, etc.).

    • Configured vPC environment (domain/LACP) for all IDF switches (40) within Rotary HQ using Cisco NX7000’s.

    • Worked with system engineer’s to accommodate MS Office 365 project.

    • Worked with system engineer’s to introduce OKTA 2FA radius agent/cloud to work with all Cisco AnyConnect client’s (~ 1,200 users) at Rotary HQ and seven international offices.

    • Worked with vendor to upgrade/configure/monitor and maintain Cisco ACS HA environment (v5.6).

    • Worked with international management for all dual-circuit DSL/AnyConnect VPN rollouts in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Seoul, Korea and Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    • Configured/monitored and maintained Solarwinds Orion NPM/NTA (Netflow)/Kiwi Syslog/Kiwi Catools virtual environment for Rotary’s HQ and all seven international offices.

    • Worked with vendor and system engineer to configure/monitor and maintain F5 5250 HA setup.

    • Architect for new F5 (model 5250 from model 3900 and LTM [vm’s]) within existing WAN/LAN at Rotary HQ.

    • Traveled to Rotary office in Tokyo, Japan to migrate data center to new location.

    • Traveled to Rotary office in Pune, India to help train network/system engineer’s.

    • Traveled to Zurich, Switzerland to setup dual-circuit DSL/setup WLAN and help with migration of 200GB of sensitive user data.

    • Visio designer for all HQ/international projects. Worked with several vendors using my drawings.

Rotary International

Senior Network Engineer

Evanston, Illinois

September 2012 – December 2015

  • Recent projects (Working with a group of system engineers/network engineers to config, monitor and maintain):

    • 200+ vm’s (ESXi 4.1 vMotion, vSphere [Win 2K3, 2K8 R2, RHEL 5.8 servers] DC and DR environs)

    • All Cisco core routers, switches (20. Adding of new switches, vlans, trunks, EIGRP)

    • Encrypting production databases (Headed project to encrypt Donlen’s MS SQL db’s, Linux 5.8)

    • EMC Clariion cx4-240 SAN (pools, RAID groups, RDM configurations with VMware, drive swaps)

    • Monitoring tools (Orion, SCOM 2007, Symantec SMS (Exchange 2010), Symantec Endpoint vapp

    • Migrated entire company’s 1,500 private ip’s (VoIP, all private servers, routers, switches, PC, Mac) to Hertz ip schema specs (DMVPN introduction from Hertz [acquisition])

    • Add/remove, create users, groups for 2008 AD environment

    • Add/remove, create users, DG’s, public folders, .pst creation, OWA, FFGW maintenance for Exchange 2010 environment.

    • F5 load balancers (create VIP’s, some iRules)

    • Cisco WLAN and 9148 8GB fabric switches (NXOS), firewalls (ASA 5520’s), VPN, ACS

    • Lead for project to widen AT&T MPLS WAN pipe from 20mbps to 50mbps

    • Symantec Backup Exec 2010 R2

    • APC InfrastruXure (centralization of all Donlen’s 25 UPS, HVAC and PDU’s)

    • MS 2K8 DHCP, SQL clustering (migrated db instances for maintenance windows, vm migrations)

    • Batch scripting (minor) for encryption/decryption of files sent to various clients

    • Qualysguard implementation/training for future PCI compliance project

    • Macintosh AD, Lync 2010 implementation (Tiger), iPad, iPhone  integration

    • Design most Visio diagrams (WAN, LAN, etc)

    • Deal with vendors on a daily basis (EMC, Symantec, Cisco, Microsoft, Red Hat, etc)

Donlen (A Hertz Company)

Network Engineer, Systems Administrator

Evanston, Illinois

April 2011 – September 2012

  • Recent projects

    • Responsible for monitoring and maintaining 70+ Linux CentOS servers / 30 Windows servers.

    • Working with Senior Telecommunications Manager to load balance web traffic (Apache, Brocades 4GSSL load balancers)

    • Tier II telecom support for all SIP/VoIP related issues (hosted Asterisk farm for 4,000+ customers)

    • Setup temporary monitoring of all LAN/WAN circuits using MRTG using CentOS

    • Setup new Cisco 2960G switches for core network

    • Built Syslog-ng syslog server on CentOS 5.5. Using Loganalyzer to view syslog stats via web GUI

    • Built VPS servers (Xen 5.5/CentOS and Windows Server 2003) for various projects

  • Managed/maintained:

    • Cisco 2960G switches and Fortigate 200A firewalls

    • Brocade 4GSSL load balancers

    • Windows 2003 Servers (Voxeo servers for voice XML)                                  -

    • Syslog-ng/rsyslog servers


Network Engineer/Senior Systems Administrator/Tier II VoIP support

Skokie, Illinois

 March 2010 – March 2011

  • Recent projects:

    • Sole network engineer at Onebox for $30m data migration project (migration of entire Onebox LAN\WAN platform to J2 Global Communications, Hollywood, CA)

    • Worked with senior network engineer at J2 Global Communications (Hollywood, CA) on project

    • Worked with senior systems administrator at J2 Global Communications (Hollywood, CA) on project 

  • Managed/maintained:

    • Cisco routers, switches, firewalls for 150,000+ customers

    • Cisco configurations (6509 L2/L3, 7200, 3640, 3660, 3700, 2900, 2800, ASA 5520, L2L VPN, ACL, NAT)

    • Cisco ASA 5520 firewall’s (active/standby) and AIP-SSM-10 signatures

    • F5 load balancers (6400 series)

    • NetApp SAN (940a, 3160a/b. GUI only)

    • Watchguard firewall configurations (incl VPN [Firebox x55e, 1250e])

  • Helped design and implement (with J2 network engineers):

    • Protocol analyzers, bandwidth monitoring tools (Orion, Cacti)

    • LAN/WAN expansion in Hollywood for Onebox migration (Visio 2007)

  • Managed/ maintained:

    • 100 - Windows 2003 Servers (5 Active Directory domains [HP G5 series rack servers])

    • Citrix Xen Server 5/VMware ESXi/vSphere/VMware Server and Workstation virtual servers/hypervisor

    • 10 Linux/UNIX servers (BIND, RT Ticketing, Samba, Apache, MySQL, QMail, ProFTPd, NTP)

  • Replaced all public DNS (Adonis) servers with self-built, virtual BIND DNS servers saving company thousands in service/support fees (Ubuntu 8.10 (host)/FreeBSD 7.1 (guest)/BIND/VMWare Workstation)

  • Built/refurbished:

    • Servers

    • Workstations

    • VOIP phones (Axxess)

  • Built RT ticketing system (FreeBSD UNIX 7.1\Perl 5.10)

J2 Global Communications, Inc.  (Glencoe branch office [Onebox])

Network Engineer/Senior Systems Administrator

Glencoe, Illinois

December 2007 – December 2009

  • Created/maintained:

    • Cisco configurations (2621 Firewall, 3640’s [Itasca, IL/Walton, KY PTP)

    • Cisco Vlan’s  (designed 20 - vlan structure for both companies : 3548 XL models) 

    • Watchguard firewall configurations (incl VPN [Firebox 1250e])

    • Designed/Managed/maintained 2-city 50,000 sqft. Cisco WLAN for upgraded inventory rollout

    • Designed and implemented current LAN/WAN (Visio 2007)

    • VMware Workstation (host: Suse Linux 9/guest: Windows NT Server)

Continental Web Press

Senior Systems Administrator

Itasca, Illinois

May 2001-December 2007

  • Migrated:

    • All Windows NT networks to Windows 2003, AD environment.

    • All Windows DNS to FreeBSD/BIND environment

    • All user email from Sun Cube3 mail server to Scalix mail server :: (Base OS: Suse Enterprise 9)

  • Designed/Built/Managed/Refurbished and maintained:

    • Two city LAN/WAN  (includes all Windows\Macintosh help desk issues [150+ users])

    • Scalix mail server

    • Notify server (synched all mail from Scalix mail server to BlackBerries and Palm Treo’s)

    • Windows 2003 Active Directory domains (3 domains\DHCP\DNS\GPO, IBM x Series rack servers)

    • Veritas (Symantec Backup Exec 11d)/Overland NEO2000 tape library

    • Sophos Enterprise AntiVirus/Spyware server

    • Windows Storage server 2003 (NAS)

    • Designed/Built /Managed/maintained Axis video mesh (IL and KY)/Overland ArcVault 12 Library

    • 30 Servers (IBM xSeries :: PC/Linux/UNIX)

    • 150+ Workstations (PC/Macintosh)

    • KVM (Tripp-Lite B020-016-17)

    • Cisco Catalyst 6500 switches

  • Created visual representations of local/remote WAN’s (Visio)


Global Knowledge

Schaumburg, Illinois

Courses covered: ACUCW(1,2), SISE - Implementing and configuring Cisco Identity Service Engine V2., Securing Cisco Networks with Sourcefire FireSIGHT Intrusion Prevention System v3.0

Allied Institute of Technology

Lincolnwood, Illinois

Courses covered: A+, MCSE

Certificates: SSCA, CCNA, MCP, A+

Elmhurst College

DuPage Co., Illinois

B.A. with honors

Dean’s List at Elmhurst College (4 years)

Internship: WGN Tom Skilling intern for 1.5 years (maintained PC’s\helped with weather forecasts)

College of DuPage

Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Courses covered:                                                                                                                               

  •  Introduction to Logic and Design

  • Cisco Network Academy Program

  • Novell Administration

Relevant Coursework:

  • Cisco Network Academy Program

  • Novell Administration

  • Introduction to Web Design (HTML)

  • Introduction to Graphic Arts (Adobe Photoshop/Dreamweaver)

  • Create/edit all music video’s for my music (Adobe Premiere)

  • Desktop Publishing (QuarkXPress)

Since 2020

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